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Kites that fly like control-line combat




How bout having all the fun you can stand flying combat and never breaking a prop or blowing a Plug!  Well here's your answer. These combat kites fly on 42' lines and fly as good as any 1/2A you've ever flown. Plus, when it's too windy to fly your 1/2A, its perfect for these kites. Endorsed by national champions Bob and Andy Mears. They both agree that these kites have improved their combat skills over the years. Plus they say the air time is phenomenal since you never have to land for gas! And the money they save in plugs, props, fuel, and hits, they pay for themselves in just one weekend!

42', 10lb. spider wire seems to be the perfect setup. A 6" handle works excellent also. It takes a little experimentation to get the bridle right for the "wind of the day" but when you do...hang on...its' a bullet!! The standard kits come built with fiberglass rods. If you want that little bit of extra performance and capable of flying in stronger winds, go for the carbon fiber model.

These are also good for training for u-control flying. the bridle can be adjusted to fly slow and stable. Plus these will fly on 60' lines, just at a much slower pace. This would be good for stunt practice.

Prices are as follows:

$39.95 fiberglass for winds up to 15mph

$49.95 carbon fiber for higher winds.    $7.95 for a line and handle setup.  

$5.oo for shipping and handling if shipping in U.S.A.  

$15.00 for all other shipping and handling.  

Endorsed by the Lubbock Combat team;  Bob, Andy, and Nick Mears and Larry Driskill.  Follow the Email link above with questions and orders.











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